Identification help needed

can anyone please tell me which plants are Blue Dream, and Which are OG Kush? I named the pics, but they are just a guess (this is my first grow. The ones I labeled Kush are much bigger, but the nodes are further apart. I was under the impression that the nodes on Blue dream are much closer to each other. But the blue dreams are supposed to be much bigger plants. I kneed to know, because I’m supposed to feed the Blue Dreams a lot more nutes .


There is no way to tell now, sorry.


Blue dream Sativa dominate so thin skinny leaves I would say are the dreams. The kush is the tall one I would say imho. Feed them the same she will tell you if she needs more, imho… that dream will stretch big time when it’s time.

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Both sound pieces of advice given above.
It is impossible to tell cannabis genetics apart by look, the closes you will get is watching for sativa or indica traits but even then it’s not a sure thing.

You should always read your plant and follow a feed scedule.

Nides are further apart on sativas generally and leafs are skinnier but heat and lack of light can cause node spacing to increase.