Ice cream cake #8, Jinxproof - 9lb PUNCH, Jinxproof Problem child RUN

3 weeks of veg, currently on day 5 of flower. Pretty stoked how good these girls are doing. Gave them little to NO love and they bounced back pretty good.


Day #7 of flower

The girls are chugging along decent. The stretch is pretty uniform amongst all 3 strains. Really impressed by the quality of Jinx proof genetics. He hooks it up with A++ dank for a decent price per pack of beans. Cant wait to see all these girls put out there full bloom powers. I plan to actually keep updates along the whole journey so stay tuned guys.


Day #9 flower

The girls have really exploded. My cheap no name 8 bar 645w LED is giving these babys all shes got haha. Shout out to #bloomcitynutrients im really impressed on how easy they are to mix, how well they work, and how affordable there prices are. Stay tuned this ones going to be a monster grow!!


You have a great grow . can’t wait to see how big these plants get …happy growing :bat: :rofl:


Total days since sprout?
Time between first photo and last?
Twenty six days into it and that is what you have? I got to get some!


@Mestizo you should have that plant drying above the lights Sir or Ma’am just in case , i never know by names anymore if its male or female . Plus you should of have the trellis up in the very first photo :camera_flash: before the flip and just keep tucking so they don’t grow past the screen.
Nice light panel , which mosel is that bohemoth, looks like you doing fairly well so far so good .


Thanks man! The ICC#8 is my main squeeze, been growing her for a while now. The other 2 are Jinxproof gear that im pheno hunting.


Thnx for the comment growmie. There about 8 weeks from seed in the 1st photo.

Thanks for the comment wasn’t drying was bucking the buds into 5 gal buckets for cure. Also these are new strains so im just growing them naturally to see there structure w/ minimal training. No need for trellis.

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What light is that you runnibg if i can ask ?

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Yeah no problem man. It’s just a generic 8 bar 645 watt LED that I picked up off of OfferUp for like a hundred and twenty bucks. It was brand new in the box so I couldn’t go wrong with that deal. When I first started up everything I was on a really tight budget.


Holy moly, they are growing like weeds!
Those pics every 2 days are incredible.

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Its working and its growing nice plants :potted_plant:. Hell i can do lots with 645watts of light !

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Thank you, yeah I’m pretty impressed with these girls what the combination of Bloom city nutrients.

Thanks man, yeah I’m kind of an underdog when it comes to growing. I’ve always liked to use Oddball stuff and make things happen. Kind of grew up my entire life like that. Never had the best of stuff but always made do and seemed to create something out of nothing. This is just a hobby so I’m not trying to dump my life savings into equipment and nutrients.

Everything in my grow was either second hand purchase through OfferUp, or used equipment.

But its functioning right and you growing good medicine is all that matters . I know guys who only used fluorescent 4ft shop panels with the 2 bulb fixture and he grow some kick ass bud , even the old style big huge CFL grow lights , so you dont really need expensive stuff to grow great weed . :+1:

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Day #11 flower.

These girls are moving along pretty good. The stretch continues and the Jinxproof Problem chid in the back has reached between the light bars. All of the ladies left are popping off explosive growth on all sides. 10 more days till they get there 2nd flower haircut and some bamboo support poles.

#Jinxproof genetics
#Bloom city nutrients

Photos :camera_flash: didnt load

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Really? I see them on my end…