I49 seed company

Has anyone else order from this company? I bought 3 seeds. One of the seeds was really small? 2 of the seeds are growing great! One is not. It grew for about a week and has stopped? I have contacted the i49 company twice with no response? The seeds were white widow x crystal meth fem. Or do I just say 2 out of 3 isn’t bad?

Yes other members, don’t recommend.
As I can see your finding this out the hard way.
You should still be able to germinate seeds and grow your plants but don’t buy there int he future bad genetics and terrible customer support


Thank you

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I did go to them (I49) Canada. Formerly Weed-Seeds (dot)ca as I understand it.
Out of BC Canada.
Days after I got my parcel, the web page was seized.
I see now they are back up.
Bunch of the seeds I got never popped, I had no recourse.

I keep telling staff from here they need to figure out how to sent us up North. I am not pleased with the alternatives that I am aware of.

Hey, any of you want to mail me some uh, stickers, yea that is it, stickers. lol