I will be doing a side by side comparison between two different types of nutrients

Hey guys and gals as you all know ive been using nimbin nutrients Australia and tous have all seen the results well i ended up winning a BAC start up nutrient pack i got two five ltr containers of A&B coco nutrients and i got six small bottles of additives so what im going to do is im going to do a comparison between the nimbin nutrients Australia and the BAC nutrients to see the difference in the end .what do yous all think about this let me know ur throughs on this


That will be a pretty cool experiment

I dont use those nutes but im curious to see the outcome

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Yah im very curious to see how these nutrients go ,for what ive seen from other people’s pics of there plants that have been using this nutrients and they looked amazing

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I assume you will be using clones from the same mother. All environmental conditions and medium will be the same. Also, any supplements used will be comparable between the two nutrient lines. If a flower enhancer is used from one the comparable product should be used from the other.
What will be end measurement? Dry flower weight?
Will you use this thread or start another to do the actual comparison?


No seeds im doing regular autoflower seeds two Russian blood pies and two bloody lemon cookies

just for kicks then. have fun

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Cause im doing four plants two different strains im doing two Russian blood pies and two bloody lemon cookies im running one of each on one nutrient and the other two will be run on the nimbin nutrients Australia so there will be good comparison between them

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Congrats on the win!! I’d like to tag along for the side by side!!

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Yeah me too! Tag me in… It will be interesting. Ive been using FF last two or three seasons.I used Bergmans this season… I didn’t do a side by side yet maybe next season…also I was using Tribus and Fishit.

Hi I’m in australia. How did you win the BAC pack?? I’ve never heard of Nimbin Nutrients. Where can I find them? Following your comparison :grin:

I won the BAC nutrients on Instagram and tou can find nimbin nutrients Australia on ebay

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This my blue widow photoperiod i did on nimbin nutrients Australia


I dont use those nutes but if it’s grow related im interested!

I got 100% germination rate with these seeds it took about 30 hours i never soak my seeds i put them on to a damp make-up removal pad and then cover them with another pad which i dampen down then i put them into a CD case and place it on my amplifier ,now i have planted all seeds into small pots and there been put into a homemade seedling box as my tent still has my blue widow photoperiod in there .let know what yous think and yes the mad scientist has come out again lol

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I’m having big problems with nutrients. Can you please tell me what strength you are using for your Nimbin Nutrients on your autos. Are you using the recommended dose rates or reducing them to weaker dilutions?

The recommendations I have been following from the seed people are very dilute eg 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 depending on nutrient type and growth stage. Using Standard A+B, Mega PK, XLR8, Veganix and K in coir.

I don’t know if I’m dealing with lock out or underfeeding (feeding weekly).

Any help would be hugely appreciated. Thanks.

Hi i just do a half of what they recommend with the A&B and i just follow the directions on the additives specially for autos.Do you have pics of ur grow so u can see whats happening and also with coco coir i was feeding twice daily but i was trying a method i seen on the internet i was watering until run off aswell

Thanks for your response.

I have been using this schedule with nutrients previously listed and reducing the Nimbin Nutrients dose rate to the strengths suggested by this table (ie for A+B and Mega PK). The Veganix and XLR8 have been applied at the NN recommended dose rate with no additional dilution. pH of nutrient solution in and drain out is 6.5 - 6.0.

The plants have been retarded from early veg stage and this is basically a salvage exercise. It is Day 52.

Everything I have seen about autos says to stop A+B during flowering because of the nitrates causing problems. Do you continue right through with A+B at half strength?

This is the schedule recommended by Fast Buds for autos I have been using.
Growth stage Time
Germination 1–5 days Plain water
Seedling Week 1 Plain water
Vegetation Week 2 ⅛ of veg nutrients
Vegetation Week 3 ¼ of veg nutrients
Vegetation Week 4 ¼ to ½ of veg nutrients
Pre-flowering Week 5 ¼ vegging and ⅛ flowering nutrients
Flowering Week 6 ¼ flowering and ⅛ veg nutrients
Flowering Week 7 ½ of flowering nutrients
Flowering Week 8 ½ of flowering nutrients
Flowering Week 9 ½ of flowering nutrients
Ripening Week 10 ⅛ of flowering nutrients
Flushing Week 11 Plain water

Thank you sincerely for kindly taking the time to consider this. I really appreciate it.

These are the NN doses that I reduce by the factors above. Also as per above A+B were stopped at flowering.

Photos are 1000x750 px and can be enlarged

Sorry this one didn’t get uploaded properly.

Ok i would give them a epsom salt foliar spray half teaspoon in one ltr dissolve it and spray ur girls just before ur light goes out and i would make a banana tea with molasses and epsom salt get ur self a bucket a ten ltr bucket will do get some banana skins cut them into smaller pieces place them into a mesh bag place mesh bag into bucket of water add two tablespoons of molasses and add one tablespoon of epsom salts put a air stone in the water connected to a air pump let bubble for 24-30 hours then feed to ur plants or you can make this alot quicker by filling a pot with water boil the water add ur chopped up banana skins and molasses and add ur tablespoon of epsom salts mix it up to dissolve the epsom salt let it cook for about 20-30 mins on low once done let it cool down and then strain it into a bucket and add water

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