Nutrients for people in OZ

Ok guys alot of yous know that ive been doing side by side comparisons with nutrients and so far ive done Anarchy nutrients Australia and Bac nutrients and now im doing Anarchy nutrients Australia vs ISN nutrients Australia now ive been using Anarchy nutrients back when they were Nimbin nutrients and ive had nothing but great results ,so my last grow there was some major differences and similarities between the plants i got good yeilds from the Russian blood pie and i got good results from the bloody lemon cookies from the bac nutrients side but this wasnt a fair comparison because i didnt have all the things for the bac nutrient line ,Now with this grow now im doing Anarchy nutrients vs ISN nutrients and so far i must say the ISN nutrients has been a contender and a half now out of BAC nutrients and ISN nutrients and Anarchy nutrients i would say Anarchy nutrients is my number one go to nutrient line and then ISN is my second choice it is a top nutrient line i would recommend this product to all organic growers .Both nutrients are organic nutrients in the pic the left side of the tent is getting Anarchy nutrients Australia and the right side is getting ISN nutrients Australia the left side there is splice x mango Berry XL F1 and a gorilla cookies auto on the right side there is a splice x Double grape f1 and a purple lemonade auto