I truly Thank You guys from the bottom of my Heart

Continuing the discussion from Worried, not thinking straight, confused, unable to navigate this forum:

I’d like to give a special Thank You to @OlyBoy98503 @Slug_Life @BobbyDigital @Caligurl, @LiesGrows, @Dankloud, and last but certainly not least both “system” and “earned” you know who you are I hope. Because of you guys my scars will only effect me mentally & physically and I’m fine with that. :clap::clap: Seriously you guys attacked my problem with the speed and ferocity of, wait a minute what were we talking about? Oh well something about turning my 1st Mountain into a mole hill and you guys are Mos Def Pros and it Shos. I’m sure we’ll meet again and I’ll make sure of it I’m sure of it!


Please tag me in your next grow. We’ll all be here.


You found a good community man… Many of us keep grow journals. You can find the category in the Beginner section. I would recommend making a grow journal to share with everyone else, then we can also provide input directly from there! :smiley:


Yup! Start a journal here of your next grow and tag me!