I took some advice just need to make sure

im buying either a 32x32x63 or a 36x36x72 tent havent decided prob the larger as i wanna grow more than 1 plant, maybe 2-3 but now idk about light i looked around based off what others here told me to look for. now im curious would this be enough or viable for what i need it does have the samsung diodes so here is the light and also a link to said light on amazon to make it easy

VIPARSPECTRA 2023 KS3000 LED Grow Light 320W with Samsung LM301H Osram Diodes 4 Bars Grow Light, 3x3ft

The 3x3 with that light should work out well. You’ll appreciate the extra height of the 3x3 that’s for sure.

Add… You can do however many plants you’re comfortable doing in all reality. You can hit the same yield with vegging one plant longer, as you can with 3 plants and shorter veg. But I really wouldn’t push more than 3 just in case they have different requirements. 2 would probably be better.


understood ty im new so im learning, like i decided to get into this like 4 days ago just on a whim lol my girl smokes and i just love keeping things alive so this seems like alot of fun to me.

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You will find it very difficult to manage 3 plants in that space. More plants does not mean more yield. It will mean less total yield if the plants are overcrowded.


Woooord. When you get ready to fire everything up, make a new journal here and tag me in it with the “@” symbol. Like @keryilias . Other growers will jump aboard too!

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id like to ask i see people on youtube doing like 4-6 plants in a single 3x3 tent and growing i understand the lower yield less space less air less light but im curious to the reason to why people do it

My guess is that they are frauds looking for a lot of views and do a lot of work to make it appear that they are successful doing it.

Overcrowding leads to airflow issues (leads to mold problems) and also light not being able to penetrate the plants’ canopies. Plant health will suffer and it’s a pita to tend to plants in an overcrowded tent. Management of mold would be a big issue, as I cannot imagine being able to control humidity in such a crowded tent. Plants transpire humidity into the tent, making humidity very difficult to manage.

I would give no credibility to a youtuber who doesn’t address these issues in such a video.

You won’t increase your yield by overcrowding a tent with too many plants, especially as a newer grower with little experience managing an environment.


understood ty for the explanation im new and wasnt sure about any of that so its much appreciated

The rule of thumb is 40 true watts per square foot to have the proper amount of light for a good yield. So 3x3=9x40=360. So that light might be a little short, but would probably do a couple plants ok. I’m no lighting engineer though, so just doing basic match based on pro’s recommendations.

I have a 3x3xx6 tent, cutting down this abusive kush lady tomorrow afternoon, she’s been in fox farms happy frog since january 25th. More isn’t always better, especially when growing in tents. Too many pots and you will find it a PITA (lol) trying to water and trim them. I only have front access because of its location and it’s almost impossible to properly do it.

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forgot to upload the picture, lol just tried a bud from the abusive,lol. not too shabby!!