I think she's turned on me. Hermaphrodite ID?

So far from 4 plants I had 2 boys that I had to bin (thank for the ID in those)
Now one of the 2 girls seems to has changed sex

Outdoor grow
Variety unknown
4 weeks into flower
It’s been colder and more humid this year, stressful conditions
The pistils have turn brown as well
Had Aphids as well.

If it is then is there anything I can do with it? Maybe make butter



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I don’t see anything unusual or any indication of herm.

Looks like they were pollinated. Are there any seeds when you squeeze those calyx?


Yeah, might have been just a little too late getting them out.

Not necessarily a bad thing! Did you know that you can grow a plant, wait for it to flower and pollinate it. Then turn the clock timer to veg again and re veg it while the lower part of thenplant makes seed. Once veg starts, flip the lights again and a second flush of seedless buds will start. Harvest the seed when the pods start to open.

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So the Calyx is very soft, maybe still needs to form up

Happy to go back to vege for a few weeks if that may save it.

Assume I go back to long days and vege nutrients for 2-4 weeks?

Keep growing her its abit hard to tell

You can cut off any of the calyxes and check for seeds

Looks like it has also revegged. This is outdoors?

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So all the pistils are brown, and sad looking
Buds haven’t formed that we’ll was expecting them to fatten up by now

Also found baby catipillars and other bugs, poor girl is having a bad week.

Here’s a better pic with more light

I’m considering letting it go for another few days, see how it goes then make it into butter on the weekend. Thoughts

I have another girl that is doing better.

Outdoors during the day, inside at night from 630pm to 8am

Weather has been poor, overcast or rainy days with cold nights and high humidity due to the wet summer we have in Australia

Were they getting light while indoors?

At night They are in a dark tent, fans to vent air.
No light. Dark for 13.5 hours most night

Assumed more than 12 hours dark for flower, was trying to get an early harvest in Oz… Summer here

Interesting. Looks like they revegged at some point. The reason for the rounded leaves and lack of bud structure.

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Thanks for the help

Going to watch it for the next few days and see what happens