I think I have Male Plants!

I was at a grow store and the owner gave me some Animal Jam seeds. I thought they were feminized seeds but I think these are boys. I pulled them from my tent. How will I know if they pollinated the ladies in the tent? Thanks!

Yes you do have male and or males. Sorry to inform you that. :pensive:

Look on top of the leaves for a white powder looking substance. It looked like a couple sacs was partially open.


Yeah, they should have been pulled weeks ago. Are the females flowering?


That sucks

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Females are flowering.

I agree! I was like wtf are these!

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You are correct! They look open. Damn boys. I called them assholes, put them in a timeout on my deck and said good night! I wasted to Pot for Pots on them! Newbie learning the ropes!

The bad news is there’s a good possibility for some pollination. The good news is your seed bank just grew. The pollinated parts of the plant will produce more reggie seeds and regular seeds are sought after because they’re more vigorous than feminized seeds. If you start seeing the pistils turning color soon, those are the pollinated parts. How long have the plants been on 12/12 hours?

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16 days ago. May 28 to 12/12. Picture is of the boys girlfriend.

One of the gals may have been jumped! I see amber

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Those amber hairs will be where your seeds are forming as they have already been pollinated.

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Four plants left, one looks like it has some amber color. Two look ok. One looks like she has the makings for buds but have not produced much yet compared to the other three.

So she will produce seeds. Should I just leave her or pull her?

Thanks everyone!

Keep her and get some free seeds. buds with seeds is better than no buds.

Oh yeah definitely keep. You paid money for those seeds, and now you have a few more of the same strain. Regular seeds are bad ass in my opinion.

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Never toss a female who’s budding due to her being pollinated it’ll need separated from the females that hopefully didn’t get their THC energy wasted on seeds. You will get more seeds from a strain you enjoy though so that’s not so bad, but it definitely will hinder the THC percentage. Here’s a tip before you ever group a plant that’s not a known to you feminized plant aka from here. Keep it alone if possible and check it’s nodes for long little leaf like things the female gentiles of the plant. If you see sacs anywhere around there it’s a male or both a hermaphrodite. Hermies have a use and yield buds a male should be killed immediately unless you want cross straining and seeds in your bank for free.