I started these 39 days ago and so far so good..Great seeds Robert



Waiting on another hps light so I can split them up a bit …

Looking great chip! …what strain is that?

Its White widow fem.I wanted something that would go bigger if I am going to put my time in it.

This is kinda my first grow,I grew up in greenhouse my father ran them for years.I learned a lot from the old man.I started off with the White Widow auto and didnt realize I was using soften water it really messed them up.I have 4 plants out of the 10 I bought somehow they stayed alive.They are stunted but holding on and still growing,starting to bud I think its a waste of time but the old lady wont let me throw them out…See she smokes and I dont…but I love plants. And Mj Is a very pretty plant.I use Jacks triple 20 it used to be called Peters triple 20 Dad used it and thats all he used Its some good stuff.The Autos are in the back you can see them ,the ones you see are White Widow fem These things have taken off like a rocket I cant say enough about the seeds I have bought off this site my germination has been almost 100%.I wont hesitate to buy from here …But I will try a different strain next time…Good luck with your grow and I will post fallow up pictures when I get to that point…Sorry about the spelling ,And thanks for reading.

Thanks good luck to you as well! I used to use Peters back in the day it was good stuff way better than Miracle-Gro I thought :yin_yang: