I purchased a new TDS meter, can't read

Digital TDS Meter, Accurate and Reliable, HoneForest TDS, EC & Temp Meter 3 in 1, 0-9990ppm, Ideal Water Tester PPM Meter(Green) I don’t know how to convert this meter to TDS. Last reading was 2018ppm. What is that in TDS?

U will need to convert to the EC chart I beleive.(electrical conductivety) I think 2000ppm would b close to 3.0 plus for an EC reading. Did u calibrate it before using?

No, it can’t be calibrated. I also purchased a blue one, can’t read that one either. The blue one on back says Calibrate with NaClimage

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I see. If ur reading over 2000ppm, thats too high. For veg u want 600-700ppm is where i try to be. As they mature then switch to flower u can bring it up. I am sure 1 of the fellas here has a PPM TO EC chart they can post for u, Im not sure how to do that lol.
@peachfuzz @dbrn32 @basementstealth @SlowOldGuy do any of u fellas have a ppm to ec chart u can post to help a fellow grower out?
I tagged a few guys to see if we can get u a conversion chart and some better knowledge of what ur reading should b.

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Here’s the chart. Those pens should be on the Hanna scale. And hitting the mode button should switch the reading to EC.


Thank you, I printed it out!

@BobbyDigital Sorry, still confused. I just watered my two plants, March 29th I started the seeds. The plants look healthy and growing good but the PH is low on both, 6.0 and 6.2. The PPM range should be 550-700. One plant had a EC reading of EC 4076, ppm 2038 and other plant EC 3866 and PPM 1992. How can I get the PPMs down?

Are you in ocean Forrest soil by any chance? My ocean Forrest is at around 2200 ppm fresh out of the bag.

@BobbyDigital The soil is called, “Professional Growing Mix”. It’s what I’ve used before, purchased from our local nursery. It runs around $8.00 per bag. Nursery use it to start seeds.

@BobbyDigital @BobbyDigital The soil is called, “Professional Growing Mix”. It’s what I’ve used before, purchased from our local nursery. It runs around $8.00 per bag. Nursery use it to start seeds. I need to replant them into larger bags, what’s the best soil to use? Foxfarm draws too many flies, mites, bugs.

Sounds like u need to do a good flush usimg just ph’ed water. How big r ur pots? If they r 5 gallon, flush with 3 times that amount of water. So 5 gal = 15gallons of water to flush excess nutes out. Test ppm run off as u go and it should drop as u flush


3 gallon but I’m going to purchase some 5 gallon. @Liljoe The seeds (Northern Lights) fell out of a stressed plant from two years ago.

The first thing I would do is listen to your plant. She will tell you if you pay attention. Yes we have guidelines and parameters that we stay within and when there is a problem we go first to the charts and make measurements. But I’d say if she is a seedling and you feel like she looks happy and healthy then keep doing what you are doing. Make small tweaks to environmental conditions and nutrient concentration. And wait 2 days to see the effect on her before making new changes.
But I’m new here I’ve only completed a single grow and although I’m excited about being in flower again. It’s still a long road for me. Some growers can start to finish real quick

That’s my flowering gold leaf from the grow off Jan 1 seed drop. I kept her nice and short. I’m hoping to monster crop

Anybody wanna help me take a clone right now?


How do the plants look? can we get some natural light pics?



Is that shadow in pic or are some of the tips of lower leaves black?? thats a sign of too much nitrogen I beleive. And are they thirsty in pic or just waking up? looks abit droopy like over watering but not sure :thinking:
Anyone else have any thoughts? but I do think a flush is in order, lets wait for a few more replies to confirm

They were dry and I just watered them an hour ago. I don’t see any dark on the leaves but they do look like they have a purple tint in the pic @Liljoe

ok then. Well then I think they look good. as long as tips not changing colour and they perk up after watering, let them go as they r and hold of on nutes abit or cut back on them. But looking at pics they look like a healthy green.
I should have asked for pic in the beginning lol but it was still early and my coffee and joint hadnt taken effect yet lol


I just ordered a new TDS meter that only reads TDS. I can’t figure out the other ones I have. Thanks for all your help. @Liljoe

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No problem but one more thing I should point out. TDS means TOTAL DISOLVED SOLIDS. It measures in ether PPM=PARTS PER MILLION or EC=ELEcTRICAL CONDUCTIVITY
They are both measuring the same thing, it just depends on if the tester using PPM or EC to measure.
If you look at that chart posted, just use the first 2 columns. Whatever you EC reading in just look beside it on chart and its in PPM for u.