I plan to grow outdoor in Thailand

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I am interested in placing an order “the complete set for the beginner.” I read in the description you provided that the proper temp should be 80 degrees Fahrenheit (26C). I plan to grow them, outdoor in Thailand. The temp here will be around 25-37C, so is it possible to grow them in this kind of hot climate. Could you suggest? perhaps other breed that can tolerate hot weather is more suitable. I’m a super beginner. Thank you so much

Many of our members are from Texas and grow in quite similar temps many strains would grow quite well given proper love cold and wet is far more of a issue than hot weather

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I would think that any sativa strain would work. Durban Poison is a sativa from Africa.

My only helpful suggestion would be to study up on pruning techniques. With the humidity that you will experience, similar to Florida, airflow will be an important consideration.

Sativa tend to grow large. I would also plan on a support system for the branches. Rain can break bud laden branches without proper support.

I’ve read that yucca root and/or aloe can be beneficial for combating heat stress. Humidity during flowering will be the toughest part of the grow for you in that climate.

In Thailand, I would look for something that originated from there. Thai stick was very popular in the 70’s from all the vets coming back from the war.

I pray for a successful harvest for you…

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