Best strain for following environment

A question from a fellow grower:

Can you recommend some marijuana seeds for my outdoor grow ?

i have two areas,

1 has temps reaching 90-95 with humid conditions in summers[karachi]
2nd place has temps reaching above 100 with dry conditions in summers and below 10 in winters, its near river [indus valley kinda thing],

I would look into a Sativa type for your 1st area. Haze, Thai

And I would look into an Indica type pheno for the 2nd area. Kush, Blueberry

Sativas tend to do better in hotter temps, Indicas usually prefer milder temps and ruderalis hybrids(auotflower) tend to like the coldest temps out of all of them. You will still have to control temps or keep them up in the winter, they just really don’t like much below 60.