I need to change TDs meter any recommendations?

I need to change my TDs meter you guys know some good ones?

Apera is my goto brand. I use the EC60, but they have both less and more expensive models. One of the things I like best about my EC60 and also my pH60 is that the probes are replaceable.


I second the apera as well, any of there probes. Every1 says the cheap tds meters work, but my cheapie was off by 300 tds. No thanks! My next one will be the a1316, pricey but awesome, does both tds and ph. 125$ for the kit. The ec20 be the cheapest but still awesome probe. Around 50 for kit i believe


Apera makes great meters, but if you just need TDS, than they’re like $12 on Amazon. Most are pretty accurate.