I need help getting that WAP

Trying to improve conditions in my grow room - normally very dry , 10%20% any good humidifier or dehumidifier combos that will help me getting this plants very wet ?

Any evaporative style humidifier will work well.

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My wife got me one that actually works get in a 2x4 area.

How big of a space are you trying to regulate?


I just use a 1 gallon humidifier I got from Walgreens, I believe. If you don’t get one with a built in hygrometer, you’ll need something like the inkbird humidity controller to turn it off when you get to the humidity level you want to maintain and turn on when it dips below that.


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This is what I use. Does my 10x12 perfectly

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2x4x7 very dry , my air conditioner takes out the humidity in the air , so constantly dry unless I provide some external moisture, the problem I would have I feel would be changing the water constantly, once a week or twice should be fine for me …

How many times you change the water a week ?

I need to get one of those controllers ASAP , will set me up

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They work really well and aren’t very expensive. The temperature ones also work great if you have a heater or ac that doesn’t have a built in thermostat. Then they have the combo humidity/temperature controllers as well so it does everything with one controller.

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I love the idea of having a automatic room with very low maintenance, my end game set up right now would be a for environmental control - a cloudline6 “ and the humidifier with the ink bird controller for humidifier- since cloudline already has a controller , you think this will create a stable environment? @Bobbydigital

My ac infinity’s run 24/7 so wish I went with the S series as the controller is pretty useless for my application.

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Awesome thread title.

I’m working on this in my tent over the next two weeks before the next round goes in to flower. Was thinking I might DIY it and just do a 5 gallon bucket of water with a fan stuck in the top. Good big reservoir won’t need to be filled.

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Will look into it

mmmm evaporation has to do with surface area of water and precipitation in the surface , it’s not gonna work the way you expect it …

Twice probably keeping it @60% rh.
My basement is currently 30%RH

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Let me know how it goes .

There’s the T4, T6, T8 etc that come with the enhanced controller. Then the S4, S6, S8 come with a small controller that you can adjust your fan speed with. The S fans are $40 cheaper because of the controller.

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So t6 seems to be the best option @Bobbydigital

If you plan on making use of the enhanced controller. If you run your intake and exhaust 24hrs then you’d want the S6

I guess I don’t understand the difference well I take a better look