I’m trying to explain this to someone…

Am I correct, auto’s are always female and don’t require any light changes… (in a broad sense), feminized are classified are females that are photo’s (to induce flower, the light schedule is 12/12) thanks y’all

Not quite.

Any seeds can hermie or be male.

Always check for male/female parts

Autos flower work in a set period of time. You can put whatever light schedule you want. 18/6 20/4 16/8. You name it they should flower in a certain time frame without you changing the light cycle. They are usually females.

Photos will flower once you change your light cycle to 12/12. I run my photos 18 hours light on/ 6 hours light off. When ready to switch to flower I put my light on 12 hours and off 12.


Autos can be male or female, most breeders breed females, but you can find male autos on some seed sites. The main/only difference is the light schedule thing, autos grow on their own time frame, photos need you the lighting change…

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Y’all rock thanks

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How bout cloning? Photo only? Thanks

You can clone an auto. But it keeps the same time frame as it’s original plant, so while possible, not worth the time as it flowers to quick.

Better for photos you can keep them going.


On week 4, I found one male part on my current auto. I cut it off and haven’t found more. My prior auto throw out a couple of nanners. So yeah, always check.


Y’all have been awesome thanks so much