I’m a first timer

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I’m a first timer and I have a indoor hydroponic box and it’s 3’ tall, will I have enough room for the strain I purchased, the description said it grows to average high for a Sativa strain.

You will most likely run into height issues without some form of training, topping, or both. I grow in soil, so I’m not familiar with hydroponics other than the basics. But besides the height of the plant itself and its container, you need some space between the lights and the canopy. What type of lighting are you using? You might be limited to using CFLs or LEDs in such a small space due to the heat others generate. Plus these can generally be ran closer to the canopy.

You should join the forum and tell us a little more about your setup. You’re in good hands…lots of knowledgeable, helpful folks here. Welcome!



Well put my friend. Could not have done better myself…thumb