I love Pro Mix Bx Good stuff

Well I got in a hurry and started some in this pro-mix organic for herbs and veg.And then started two in pro-mix Bx and the ones in the pro mix Bx are kicking the other ones ass…I don’t like to use a soil that has nutrients mixed in the plants seem to germinate ok but it really slows them down,tend to get burnt.They will grow in it but not near as fast or near as healthy.So I transplanted them into Pro Mix Bx and they are starting to come back around but they have some catching up to do.That kinda sucks too I like them to be close to same size for there forever home.These are Crystal fem.I transplanted them then flushed to get rid of the nutes left behind.I have no luck with soils that have slow release fertilizer.Just my two cents…


Sorry about that I will be more polite next time…

Pro mix is good stuff. I grow in sunshine #4 which is pretty much the same thing. Have had great success with it so far. I agree I don’t like growing in soil that already has nutrients I prefer to know exactly what is going into them. :+1:

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Good for you,

Although I am a commercial hydroponics grower, I have been doing grows in ProMix BX and have guided many here into using it also. ProMix BX is a really great product and does very well for Cannabis. Good choice.

Happy growing, lw