I just seen a red looking spider on the inside of my flower pot!

Help!I think i just seen a red spider mite!What do i do to get rid of these things and do i have to throw away my plants???Is it bad ?


Captain Jacks dead bug and neem oil will kill spider mites.
Spray everything right before lights out, so you don’t burn the leaves. Apply every 3-4 days, and be diligent!


It ain’t great
But dot throw out the baby with the bath water

I know people in the know will step up and help out, but I’m thinking you need some captain jacks spray (I’m pretty sure that’s the name of it



Whew! You had me halfway out a the room with spider. Did I mention I hate spiders?


@Covertgrower will azamax be okay to use ?

I have no experience with azomax… maybe @dbrn32? @BobbyDigital @MattyBear ??

Yes Azamax will work against mites, thrips , and aphids


I don’t use azamax, don’t think it’s as safe as spinosad.

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Azamax can be used just like jacks dead bug brew even up to harvest I believe

Maybe if you disregard all the reports of the unlisted banned pesticides.


They suck the sap from the leaves and create a white spotted look all over your plants. They will kill seedlings as well. Quick organic fix is mint oil and soap. Longer term fix is neem oil, predatory mites or spider mite killer or similar. I’ve had a long running battle with them :unamused:

My bad wasent aware it was banned in so many states for use on cannabis I personally don’t use it i had looked it up

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A lot of people don’t know. Is not really your fault, you were just repeating how it was marketed.

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@Covertgrower I decided to get the neem oil.I think i kind of panicked because they are just turning two weeks old,Anyway i went to inspect them after a dark period of 6 off and after looking at a pot i noticed something red crawling,I squished it and i didn’t know what it was until i looked it up and learned about the pest that kills weed plants!Well i will treat them with neem oil first, and i do have azamax arriving sunday.Just hope i can clear them out before they start to really grow,after i gave one round of nutes to them i noticed a big difference,i will update with pics later when they wake up…anyway thanks for the advice…

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No bug killer is killing spiders here lol big or little. I hate spiders of all bugs so id be sayimg f this gro and they would all b outside lol. Luckily ive had no issues woth buds yet knock on wood

Have you thought of natural predators? I just ordered spider mite predator mite and I used nematodes, and Bt and other good beneficials to fight. I don’t squish unless I know what it is and even the bad ones are food for the good ones depending on your ratio. So I don’t freak out either when I see something not wanted. I just let my soldier bugs do the work and they are effective. I keep fly predator wasps and even though we have two fountains, nice lush grass, greenhouse, etc, we have zero mosquitoes and zero house flies. I just got an order of spider mite predators in yesterday and for the life of me, I can’t find any spider mites, wish I could gift them to you. Nothing thrills me more than to get an order of my tiny soldiers in and see them go to work but jumped the gun in preventative measures and realized they may not have food.

Initially I used Dr Death with the pyrethrins etc and Neem oil. Neem oil can be a bit controversial as they think it is what is causing the nonstop vomiting, but seriously, as a citizen scientist and nurse, I am wondering just how much Neem oil was on buds to make people that sick?

Best of luck with your infestation and I have found those things have made me a better gardner.

This video is about 25 minutes long and I have garnered untold valuable information from Joel Lamp’l’s programs for my cannabis and garden so it is well worth it. Although it is geared to bring in birds, of which we do, the foundation is bugs and soil control and I think well worth a watch. Plus, for years we have been making Margaret Roach’s Rather Famous Baked Beans and who doesn’t love her?!


Here is where I get my solider bugs and what they offer for spider mites. Hey guys, spiders are the good guys. If we didn’t have spiders our food survival rate and health issues would be abysmal. Our planet needs balance and whole sale killing of any critter is not healthy for that balance. These plants also have their own defenses and if we keep them healthy they can thrive. I just am concerned that any oil placed on leaves suffocates them.



@Covertgrower i just got a bottle of Neem oil.I never used this stuff before any advice on how to mix it would be greatly appreciated and also i checked plants and don’t see anything on the leaves.(Magnifier)glass didn’t see anything moving on any of them but i know i killed a red looking tiny spider.Anyway i think for preventive measures it still will be good to have and i am going to treat them 15 minutes before lights out tomorrow morning i have taken pictures of the girls and the spray
(Neem Oil)Captai Jacks, i am gonna use.


@KikiGee I’m with you on this. We need to maintain that order otherwise we tip that balance and invariably it tips the wrong way. I use peppermint oil mixed with a little liquid soap and water. 100% organic and 100% safe. I use it regardless of what stage I’m at without fear of contaminating anything


@dbrn32 I have neem oil but i never used it before i am a little confused if i should use outside and i don’t have concentrated oil it says ready to use,I have a gallon of water and i think i will use one teaspoon or two with a few drops of dish soap.?Just need to know if this is correct and if you have used before? Also will this harm my two week old seedlings?