I just ordred a led grow flood light does light placement in my tent matter?

I just purchesed a 16w led grow flood light to complement my 300w led light i will have hanging above my plants in my 30x18x36 w/d/h, does where i place this 16w flood light in my tent matter ? Or can i just put this led flood light anywhere inside my tent and it will still have the same effect on my plants ? My tent is mylar reflective

U want it close an pointed at the plants where they can upsorb it best mylar helps reflect light back an on parts that don’t recive much less don’t have much light blanching around like other lights but I would aim it at plants an close to them as well

Bit your tent is small so maybe it won’t matter sorry I didn’t read the size of your tent but I would still put it on a plant to be safe an make the most out of the light