I hope you all can excuse me for a couple days

I hope you all can excuse me for a couple days. A very close friend and fellow grower died yesterday morning without warning. We are grieving, therefore I may not be around for a couple days. Please forgive me. See you later. Peace.lw

p.s. I will probably work on a couple articles I have to finish for the blog.

Sorry about the unfortunate news mate.
probably up there smoking a fat one with the big man himself.

Many condolences, Brendan.

Thank you mate,

Joe was buried yesterday approximately 2pm EST. On his own family land; the 1st to be placed in the family plot. It is a beautiful place underneath the Oaks. He was beloved, and a good Husband, Father, Provider, Farmer, and Friend. We do not have many friends. When one goes suddenly; It sets all kinds of motion in place. Peace; Thanks for your kind words.

No worries mate! I know how it is I only have a handful of mates so I understand what it’s like too lose one,
Sounds like a great person! Which imo is getting rare.

May he Rest in peace.

Regards, Brendan.