It is with great - difficulty that I must greet the new year. My son was a casualty

Not of a foreign war, not of a stupid terrorist attack, but for some reason we do not yet know he drove directly into the back of a semi truck on the highway on New Years eve…

It is thought he may have decided to send a text. That would be unusual for him, because he had a hands free phone (bluetooth) for a reason. The weather (without giving too much detail) was fine, wet but no ice on the road.

Don’t drive when you cannot remember what you just said, or think the tunes are heavy…
PLEASE don’t drive stoned - I think my boy may even have been smoking my own stuff on the road because I gave him two ounces and said “MERRY CANNIBIS”, which was funny at the time but hurts now…
(talk about a double kick in the guts)

I don’t dare identify much, because it is not legal here yet. You understand…

Someone said they saw him texting - that too is a stupid move.

If you remember nothing else, remember this… I still have moments where I JUST CRY man, and there is nothing I can do to stop it…

In fact my diaphram hurts

Be cool, but be real

And screw the phone when you drive

On EDIT: I can think of nothing to add, HEAR ME!
This is nothing you want to experience



So sorry, man. My condolences. Absolutely heartbreaking

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No part of it makes sense, bro. He should have one day gone to MY funeral…

It has been a hard new year, and it better get better fast, or I will frankly lose confidence.

~Except in myself!

I’m so sorry Frank. How awful. It’s good to see you around, but I hate the damned circumstances, man. I’m a victim of a texting driver, myself. I second, third, and fourth that sentiment.

We were planning to get some land, maybe small, but where we could grow and do awesome things.

TOPPED, before it could grow…

It is difficult (I observe) not to use expletives. But this is a place where we must be responsible Earthlings

As far as we have been able to see or detect… We are all we have got

Please treasure one another, and raise your children to be wonderful…



I can’t imagine trying to wrap my head around that, Frank.

We’re here, if you need us.


BTW - there is nothing sweeter than to give a gift of smoke to a stoner who could not find any and say: “Merry Cannabis, and Canna Claus says HELLO!”

I had to get over the shock to realize that it was not my choice. He made his own. Whatever he did that led to the crash was his own judgement, even if he was responding to a text from me. But I still have that ugly little rodent chewing me up inside that thinks I did it…

Thats one hell of a demon to wrestle!

Damn brother, I am so sorry for your loss. You and your family have my deepest condolences. If there is anything that any of us can do to help you through this difficult time please let us know and I think that I am speaking for everyone when I say that we are here for you brother :pray:, My prayers are with you and your family :v:

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I keep waking myself up with the notion that if I gave him a twelve pack of beer he’d know not to drink it and drive…

Where are the lines here? Do we need to rethink?

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On a separate note, I gave away about a pound of shake for Christmas

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Holy crap, a pound of shake. Was that all from one harvest?!?

I know it’s impossible, but try not to blame yourself.

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Sorry hear of this, you have my deepest sympathies and condolences.

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I have a dream, in which not only does pot become legal, but the prices reasonable. I have seen it coming for years, and remember when a fat ounce of outrageous Columbian red hair was $30 USD on the street…

The future I see in the industry is about infrastructure, not necessarily growers. What I mean about that directly is that companies who make the SUPPORT equipment will make out the best as an investment in the long run. (re: elheffe)

My reasoning is that there is a long learning curve to growing, and even if it IS legal, you don’t want rodents on two legs to steal it, so grow tents will always be sold

All of these long range visions I shared with that boy, and we were going to go there together, STEP Papa and Son…

All (f)ing ruined and gone now, he won’t see it and take it over

He was good, I dunno if I would try it without him, he had networking skills way beyond my own

Without revealing his name -


A clear running stream
it makes not a sound
It wanders at first and travels around
Eventually finding the chin it drops down
Another tear I cannot stop on the ground…



I’m still not over it, forgive me


This too will pass my brother, it will take time but, will never completely go away. I know from experience

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Frank…my most sincere condolences to you and your family. I’m sitting here trying to wrap my head around what your going through…I’m praying for you and your family. I’m crying right here along side ya…and I don’t even know you. May your son RIP and may you one day maybe feel a little relief. I’m lost for words.


Sorry to hear this :frowning: sending good vibes your way for healing for you and your family.


My deepest sympathy and condolences Frank… I’m so sorry for your loss of your son

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A parent should never go through this, sorry for your loss, your words were heard. Gods speed on your recovery.

sorry for your loss