I have thrips and don’t know what to do

Hi I just chopped my blue berry and I checked and checked. All of a sudden when going to do a little wet trim before hanging I seen a nice bud and wanted to look at it. Grabbed my scope and low and behold I seen this stupid pest starring at me with it two black eyes wtf. I dont know no what to do never had them before so I toss it continue to dry it. Anyone now the solution please advise

You could wash the buds if your still wet/fresh.

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With just plain water or can I do a light spray with water hose without damaging product

Fyi the pest turned out to be a thrip from what I was able to confirm from my research

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@Plucer03 follow the recipe @Graysin gave you on your other thread in one tub then a plain water in another. Then let them drip dry somewhere. Itl help remove all sorts of nastiness.


I sprayed with alcohol and water hopefully after a few more times they will be gone I believe to have found Rollie police a. Any idea if they are good or bad. How to get rid of them. I appreciate you all for your info thank you

Took an all-day seminar on greenhouse management at the local botanical gardens. The best take-away was their solution for soft-bodied vermin like thrips and aphids: a solution of Dawn and rubbing alcohol. In a quart-sized sprayer, add a drop or two of Dawn which acts as a surfactant. A capful of isopropanol is what does 'em in.

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Thanks so much! Friends got some little caterpillars and it’s so close to harvest!!

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Seems the black and yellow they describe may be adult aphids, but describe as more of a caterpillar…any ideas w/o seeing?

That’s the beauty of Dawn/isopropanol: no dangerous chemicals to stick around come harvest time.

So I would be ok doing dawn and alcohol for next treatment