I have a small problem that I can't identify :(

Hello friends, this is my first growing . I started with Northern Light . The plants are 2 weeks old. I always make sure that the temperature is a maximum of 27-28 degrees and the humidity does not exceed 55-60% The soil I use is Canna Terra Medium and the supplements are Dutch power nutrients. There are small yellow spots on some of the plants, and I can’t tell if it’s a fungal infection or a calcium deficiency. I feed them with supplements as given to me according to the scheme. I will be very grateful if you can help me!

First of all welcome to the forum. Peeps here are great and really knowledgeable. Plants are looking good. You could be starting to show signs of lockout. I use Canna as well and don’t feed at all for a good 4 weeks or so. Have you checked your runoff PPM and your PH


It looks like new growth transitionIng to older growth. I wouldn’t worry too much.
New growth is lime green usually.


Thanks a lot for the quick reply Davyg. PPM I check it every week, everything is normal. PH is always between 6-6.5

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thank you very much for the opinion, there is still a lot to learn and I am very glad that I found this forum :slight_smile:


No worries, your plants look good. I would keep doing what you’re doing as it sounds like you’re all over this. If they have a problem they will let you know fairly quickly. We’re very active here and everyone is willing to help so keep the questions coming :sunglasses:

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Plants are fine. They usually look a little messy: you would too if you came out of a little seed husk haha,