Diagnosis required

Coco on 18jrs
Moby Dick xxl auto
600 w hps to itself
Basement grow.
20 28 temps
60 humidity whi h I put on the Dehumidifier butt left it off as I’m vegging too.
Its been going a while but looks about week 5. Just noticed the leaves. They may be from near the top. I’m gonna investigate
Any more info needed please ask

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Have given canna calmag 6-0-0 eveeywayering at top end of dose

Got a picture of the whole plant?

May be phosphorous. Did u scope out under leaves super good for any pests. Could be pests also. I’d look with a maga glass or scope under all leaves if nothing then I’d go towards possible phosphorous def. @MidwestGuy @CMichGrower @PurpNGold74 @Covertgrower any of u boys have an idea. Also a. Pic of whole plant will help determine a cause alo not just a leaf. Good luck welcome and hope it is nothing serious for u

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More information is needed, run off numbers, ph in and ph out, and an overall picture of the whole plant in natural lighting.


That is a Cal-mag deficiency. It tells me its been going on for probably a week or so. Way to many rust spots to just happen. :+1::+1::+1:

Like the rest said a picture of the whole plant. More info needed.


Phosphorus deficiency looks like this.

It also has the yellowing of the leaves and not just the rust spots.

I maybe wrong but I see no yellowing of the leaves.


I’ll get all that info when lights come on. I’ve been putting in 1400 ppm and run off is 3000. I’ve just bought a reliable pH meter so will let you know.

This and needing a reliable pH meter means u may have a lockout. I agree it looks like calcium deficiency but if ur pH is outta range, adding more wont help.

Got an update @Damo?

Soorry pics weren’t loading. Anyway time has past and you want an update on my leaf problem.
I flushed all my plants and it must have been a salt build up. I have a good pH pen and a blue lab ec wand so confident. I’ll try post a latest picture. Uploading: IMG_20210929_191051.jpg…
Processing: IMG_20210929_191041.jpg…
Processing: IMG_20210929_191038.jpg…
Processing: IMG_20210929_191030.jpg…

Yesterday I gave her a defoliating and today she looks great. It was mainly a removal of bad leaves. I’ve got calmag now and giving just 3ml a n b. Pk option needs deciding. She is 2 week into it. I’ll know more about it tomorrow when lights come on.
Looks like pics aren’t loading. Phosphorus is my thought so may start pk early

How could I add phosphorus to my coco without upping my base or starting my pk regime. Maybe she’s saying nows the time

Unfortunately if you don’t have that separate I don’t think you can add it separate. What nutrients are you using?