I forgot which is which - need help identifying strain

I mis-labelled my plants when they were seedlings. The two strains I planted are Lowryder and Wedding Cake (autoflowering if that makes a difference). Can anybody identify which is which from the two sets of pictures below?

plant 1:

plant 2

I think it’s a crap shoot at this point. Maybe wait until they’ve grown a bit.

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If your familiar with the strains, sometimes you can tell by the distinct smell they give. Noway of knowing for sure at this point.

Looks like the Weeding Cake will show purple late in flowering while the Lowryder is green. That’s the best I can do for you.

Happy growing…

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Thanks all. The one difference I can describe is that some of the plants, the flowers look like white clover. The other ones don’t have the clover-like white spikes… the flowers are more “bud-like”.

In any case, it doesn’t make a difference, I am happy that they seem to be doing well. Just curious really.

These were my first foray into cannabis growiing since I was a teenager in the mid-70s, and that was a whole different thing back then.

Now I have five White Widow photo-period (feminized) in grow bags on my roof. They are not yet at flowering stage. And a few Granddaddy Purple up there as well.

“Such fun” as Miranda Hart would say.

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I did some searches on the forum and these look like two of mine:

SO I think the others are Wedding Cake.

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Wait, like actual clover? Maybe something like this?

Edit: I think I got it. You meant something like this.

You will have to wait till they are finished. Now if you know one strain has a certain smell that the other doesn’t have you can then identify.

Example…I had 3 Blue Dream and 1 Peach Puree CBD that I forgot which was which. Once they had flowered, I was able to identify.

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Yes, like the 2nd pic of a clover flower. I am pretty sure mine that have that flower are Lowryder.