Anyone ever seen Lowryder hit 40 inches tall?!

ILGM Lowryder. These girls are growing like crazy! 6 1/2 weeks from seed: one is pretty much done stretching at 34 inches , the other at 40 inches but still growing height! I thought Lowryder stayed shorter… topping was not recommended because plants short life and size…

Could these be Lowryder 2 Or something else? They are maturing pretty fast but I don’t think they will be ready in 70 days… any thoughts? I am using 5 gal pots and have a 600 watt and 300 watt LED for 4 plants in a 3 x 4 grow room


Yes I had one get 5 foot tall ILGM seed too!

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Wow! Was it an indoor grow? How much yeild did you get? How long from seed to harvest? How was the smoke? They say these are a low yeild strain but if i had to guess these look like they will do 4 oz per plant. Which i would be very happy with! Sorry for the interrogation…

Yes, I grow in rooms no Tents.

I lost it at the end, 5lbs is what I trashed… (This was all of it)
Her sisters did great and was the bomb, I like making tea out of it…
I got 3 to oz a plant on the others.


5lbs Trash

What happened… :thinking:
Sorry to see that my friend…

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Sorry Thought I posted it, Mold I messed up left some old trim in the room for weeks and walked in had Mold all over…

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What a drag… I would have been on suicide watch losing 5 lbs. How long did they take to mature? And what % of amber do you like with lowryder?

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I like 10% about 9 weeks!

This Lowryder passed 4 ft and is covered with bud! Its at 9 weeks and has no chance of being ready to harvest at 10 weeks… but thats OK with me because it looks like a big yeild is coming my way!