I do need help with the curing process

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I do need help with the curing process though
Nearly time to harvest


You need to harvest, dry, then cure. 3 steps.

Cut each limb off and hang it up in a mild to cool room with a fan circulating air. Do Not blow fan directly on plants.

After week or so, maybe longer; when the limb “SNAPS!!!” like a dried twig; You are ready to start curing. At this point, the inner bud is still wet and uncured, so; WE…
place all buds in paper bags until entire bud is dry. another week or so.

Once buds are completely dry (appear too dry) Place them in mason jars with Boveda dual RH packs. 58% for humid climate, and 62% for dry climates.

Good Luck.