I could really use some help

Hey guys,

I’ve got a question for you.

I’ve got 4 plants I’ve grown from seeds. (Unfortunately, not Bob’s seeds) They’re approximately 3 months old, 16" tall and I’m using the scrogging method. The plants have been on a cycle of 18/6 for lighting to make sure they stay in the vegetative stage.

I live in Colorado and am growing indoors with an indica hybrid strain from a local grower who grows outdoors; naturally. No Chemicals Added!!

What concerns me is 2 of my 4 plants seem to be producing buds.

Could you help a novice out a bit :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Uploading: 20200827_081823.jpg… Uploading: 20200827_081808.jpg… Uploading: 20200827_081719.jpg…

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You need to wait for the photos to load before you hit reply.

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Indoor plant with 9 weeks of veg time. I want to see this. My plants would be 5 ft tall at 9 weeks

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@Smbranam you need to upload your photo’s, OH Welcome to ILGM

Sounds like they’re preflowering more than likely. Pictures would be helpful, just wait for them to upload. Welcome to the forum!