I broke my 2nd PH tester

I must be a bit rough with them so looking for a more durable model if there is such a thing? Twice i have broken the bulb on this type.
Any suggestions, preferably one that doesnt require calibration

I already have a Bluelabs EC truncheon

This is a good one


Mine is unbreakable and never needs calibration.

Storage of PH meters requires they remain wet. The proper storage solution is the 4.01 PH calibration solution or you can buy dedicated storage solution. If the glass bulb is allowed to dry out it will crack and fail.

I have a Bluelab PH and EC meter that has been in continuous operation for 3 years: calibration has not drifted at all since initial calibration. It’s a bit pricey but worth it after wearing out 3 Apera meters.


Thanks Mate. I have ordered a bluelabs meter.


Is that the one where the probe stays in the water all the time?
I wanted to pull the trigger on one of those, but all the reviews saying the display quits after a year or so backed me away from it.
I gave up a couple years ago and have been using drops. Works well enough, but is kind of a pain.

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My Bluelab is still going strong: calibrated it when I got it 3 years ago and it’s still dead on.


I have had similar experiences with both my Blue Labs and Extech devices. Like @Myfriendis410 has said, a bit more expensive but worth every cent.

Like so many things, buy quality once or buy cheap many times.


@Myfriendis410 @merlin44 …Are these the “Monitors” or the “Pens”?
I’ve been keeping an eye out for a continuous read model with a probe on a wire that remains in the solution 24/7. Hate to dump 3 bills on something that quits after a year.

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I am referring to a pH pen. My experience with continuous pH monitors (used in industrial applications) is that they require regular cleaning and calibration and are very expensive. My two pH pens were each about $200 but very good devices can be purchased for less than $100. All pH pens must be stored in the appropriate solution.

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Ok, this is what I was referring to. Anyone have experience with this type? (It’s ~$250)

Not me, just the pH pens since I started growing. The industrial devices cost way more than that.

This sort of device (the one you linked) and the higher end pens is that the probe tips are replaceable without needing to replace the entire unit.

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This is the one I have:


@Vtbudz I have the same one. Do you just put a tiny bit of 4.0 in the cap or do you fill it to the line?

One thing a lot of folks don’t do is keep the PH meter probe hydrated. You have to use storage solution or 4.01 calibration solution. If the probe dries out the special glass bulb will crack and that’s it for the meter.

@DarthVaper I use storage solution for mine

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