I am actually dying to figure out the strain

I’m afraid i’m a first timer growing marijuana
I have no idea what strain it is
Is there anyway of finding out what strain they are?
The plants are 4 months old beautifull white buds and some hair on the legs (outdoor)

Can you post a picture of it

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It’s a sativa for sure.
Other than weed what does it smell like? When you smoke what does it taste like? If it’s coffee with a hint of spice maybe garlic… just a guess white widow


Hard to tell. It’s a mystery so you get the pleasure of naming it yourself👍

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Plus 1 on that
It looks like that Nam weed I used to grow.


Hello everyone
Thank u for contributing
This little branch got broken by accident
I dried a little piece in the microwave lol
When smoked it tasted like very light mint not much effect 15 minute already…

Dude you nuked it you burned off any THC it would have had


If anything try putting a piece in the oven at 250-350

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Will do try it out
Do you guys think because she is only 4 months old?
Or maybe i justbdry it wait 10 days or so

i agree… and based on the title of the other thread, would “Lebanese Red” be acceptable?

either that, or maybe Rabihsaab :wink:

it is yours now, do with it and call it what you want! next time, maybe get known genetics, but for now, why not?



I think the THC content on the broken stem is what it is, but you can preserve what’s there by drying it naturally and curing it. Looks like a decent size.

Lots of buzz around me about a “thin mint” cut of girl scout cookies.

Not sure if that’s what you have or not.

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Thank you everyone
I was wondering is it ok to remove some small leaves from the bottom of the plant?

Yessir. Just do it in moderation, and give here some time to rest between prunings.

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Thank you for your advice

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To me white widow is a mix of pine lemon diesel and skunk

Hello again from the middle east it’s 8am beautifull fresh morning
I hope to get ur opinions on my baby’s new white hair first time i see such a beauty :slight_smile:
And can someone plz tell me what the white thing on the leg is?