I have 3 plants in a hydroponics kit i made is a 7 gallon bucket and a 10gallon tote i got the hydroton rocks and nutrients that i put in the water my grow room stays at around 80 degrees abd im useing 2 60 watt red lights is this good for my plants and oh yea i got the aquz air pumps in bothe the bucket and tote please post aby suggestions

What do you mean? I have 2 60watt red lights? what kind of lights?

Temperate yield expectations with this small of a lighting system. :slight_smile:

Yea i just went out today and got some 250 watt heat lights i figuerd the 65 watt was to small i just dont wanna burn the plants up because i was using a 2500 watt and it burnd up my first crop thats why i went so small im new to all of this so i know its gonna take a few times to make perfection thanks for uor input

Like reptile heat lights or fast food heat lamps?

Its a reptilr heat lamp

Yikes! Sorry but this is not a good light for plants at all. If you are looking for something cheap off a store shelf, go to a hardware store and get the most powerful CFL light you can get, probably something like a 40 - 60 watt CFL, ideally with a temperature spectrum of around 5000k - 6500K, if you are only going to buy one kind of light, otherwise you can get a 2200-3000K same wattage light or slightly higher for when you start the 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness for flowering. This one light can cover about one square foot. You could grow one nice mini closet or box grow, or you can build your own light system using multiples of these lights for larger grow.

I cant find any lights that has a hight watt would a 85 red light work good i heard red lights are good for photosynthasis

Fluorescent lights are going to be way better than incandescent lights. Unless you go to a specialty light like HIDs or LEDs. Red light is good for plants but it needs blue light too or it will get sick. The Thousand “k” color temps I gave above have the right mix of red and blue for the various parts of the grow, smaller numbers being more red-ish and higher numbers being more blue-ish. More blue is used during the veg season and more red is used during the bloom/flower season. But you can grow the entire time with the blue-er lights if you need to save on the number of lights you have to buy.

Arit thanks ive had it on a red light for abot a week and a half would there be any damage to that and thanks im gonna just use led lights

I am surprised you cannot fin compact fluorescent lamps. :-?

Yea it took me forever to find the hydroton rocks its hard to find stuff for indoor growin the hydropinic store around me are being closely watch by the feds so its almost impossably to grow and the thing is its just a plant and it doesnt harm anyone if anything it helps thats why im trying to grow because im spending alot of money buying it but hopfuly it will be legalized soon were im at

You do not need to buy anything from the hydro store. Go to a hardware store, or big box store, and buy a package of 6-12 cfls in a package. Get as large a size as your wallet can afford. After that. You can make a light bar and place the lamps in whatever configuration you want.

Also; Any garden store, or big box mart, you can get root hormones, and many other effective supplies for your hydro set ups. Here is a hint. Buy cheap lava rocks. Bash em up a bit, and rinse the crap out of them, 10 times over until clear water. I use a “spaghetti collander”. Don’t do it inside and clog up your drains. This is a very workable cheap replacement for hydroton; If you want to expand your grow in a pinch. Hope this helps.

Ask anytime. I have built almost every kind of hydro system you can imagine, and may be able to come up with a few images; Given time. Peace.lw