Suggestions for lights

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@dbrn32 i was told you are the person to talk to about lights. This is my first time testing my green thumb. Got hydro set up that came with a light but have been hearing i will need more for flowering periods. This is the set up i have

Any suggestions on lights or anything else u think i may need or want to have for a better process please let me know. I will greatly appreciate all the advice i can get.


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What size is the tent?

I will ignore the other tag and we can figure this out here if that’s ok?

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That works for me. I believe the tent is 5×5 feet. However i was unable to find it on my order deacription. I have yet to receive the tent in the mail just yet. If yoy want i will just post when i get it and let u know for sure size.


One of the main issues with hydro is heat management of the nutrient solution. It needs to (in general) be below 70 F to avoid pythium to attack the roots. Aeration and products like Hydroguard are helpful but keeping the solution cool is the important thing.

There are chillers available but they are expensive. Ice packs work but are a pain. A standing reservoir outside your grow space can help. Insulating the totes from the light helps too. Something to consider when setting up your grow space.


Thank you very much fo the tip. I greatly appreciate it. I will definitely look into doing that.


One thing i am having trouble finding the best choice for is a ph balance and tester for water and soil and a temp and humidity monitor (not sure the correct term. A barometer? ) for my room… Suggestions/links please.

I have a humidifier/dehumidifier for my room just not something to tell me what humidity percentage actually is. As well as the best percentage to keep it set at…??

Its been decided that im going to use my tent for sprouts and move them out once they start getting bigger. I have turned the whole room into a tent instead of only having a 2×2 grow space for the entire process.

Sorry I didn’t get notification for this. Are you still looking for lights?

Did you check the buyer’s guide for other items?

Okay so im at this stage of my grow where this factor u mentioned is coming up a lot. My water temp is at 68/69 when i first fill my buckets but after a few days under my lights it is rising and staying at 72.3 degrees. Is that going to be a major issue. My grow environment is very controlled and sanitary if that makes a difference. …

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You’re fine. Run microbes like Hydroguard or mycorrhizai and LOTS of air.

I fight it here too have some strategies for knocking 1 or 2 degrees off.

The biggest help was aluminized Styrofoam sheets placed on top of the totes. That cut the photons hitting the (black) totes.

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Thank you! I ordered some hydroguard.

Hey everyone! Just wanted to give an update and a BIG THANKYOU for all the advice everyone gave me. My babies are doing great. My temp and humidity levels are staying consistent and where they should be. Here are few pics. I am wondering when and if at all I need to start trimming and which leaves to trim if so. All my plants are Autoflower. I have 3 different strains.

Today is day 20 of grow… BTW. :grin::sunglasses: the 3 pics are at 3 different weeks. Oldest to newest.