Hydroponics equipment

Guys my girls are only 20 days (counting from seed in water). Im growing in soil but friend of mine is selling hydro equipment. Im wondering if it’s worth a try. He wants to sell all for about €150. Can you tell me if i should buy it? Thank you all

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Used equipment usually sells for 50% of retail price.

Stores will only go 25% on a rebuy. Check prices and condition. Bargain.

He won’t be using the equipment. It’s just in his way. Bargain.

See the thing is i dont know if thats even all i need. I don’t an to use it now obviously as im using soil for my first grow. But maybe for the second to have comparison. And as i didn’t do my homework yet i know nothing.

Best to avoid situations totally new in growing.

Concentrate on your soil grow. Learn how to read the leaves. Get a PH n PPM meter set…$20usd online everywhere.
The guy will still have the equipment later if you want to try. He tried without experience and is now trying to bail out and get some of his money back.

It looks like a flood table setup or nft. I’m not sure I would buy at that price. Especially the filter without knowing age and if it’s over a year old is useless. The flood table and reservoir might be worth having. The hydroton isn’t worth a whole lot. Is that a tent in the picture? If so what size? And what about the light does it have a ballast for it? That’s the expensive part. Really need a full list with ages to make a decision. But without knowing I’d give him $50 to $100 max. And that’s only if hydro interests you. But really setting up your own system makes it where you understand what each part does. Trying to use someone else’s setup will be more difficult.

Thank you @ DoobieNoobie for detailed explanation. In regards to the filter i believe its been used for 3 grows. He didnt mention the light but i have mine leds. Yes it is a tent 1mx1mx2m (3x3x6). And i think you are right as at the beginning i knew nothing about soil growing and it just comes to you with the time and lectures you reed

Yeah I stand by my price range then. But only if you have room and want to try it. At 3 grows the air filter and light bulbs are trash in my opinion. Probably the water pump to. So really only buying the tent and the flood drain table. So I’d say lower end $50 to $75

@DoobieNoobie and @tanlover442 thank you guys for your help. Ill stick to the soil for now and if i ever decide to move to hydro i will do my reaserch first. Xxx

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Glad to help. And happy growing.

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