First timer- buying a setup second hand- thoughts?

Hey everyone-


I’m currently germinating 4 babies and in the process decided to go from backyard grow to indoor. I am buying some equipment 2nd hand and wanted to know your thoughts on the equipment/ value- I am paying $250 for all of it:

(3ft X 3ft X 7ft) Indoor Grow Tent

-(3) 5000K Fluorescent (Veg) bulbs with (3) Clamp-on light fixtures

-(1) NEW Full Spectrum Grow Light
125 Watt, 2700K Fluorescent

-(1) Max Lume 125 Watts, 6400K, 7,500 Lumens Fluorescent (Veg) bulb

-(1) Digilux High Output 400 Watt HPS bulb, 57,000 Lumens (Flower)

-(1) SPL Horticulture Gull Wing Reflector Hood Set (Mogul Base Socket)

-(1) Valuline Switchable Ballast 120 Volt or 240 Volt switchable operation for HPS or MH bulbs

-(1) Mogul Set Assembly, 20ft cord, and (1) Home made oval can fixture set.
-(1) Home made High Flow Carbon Filter

-(1) 6" Hydro Farm Inline Booster Fan

-(1) 8" Hydro Farm Inline Booster Fan

-(1) Vicks Filter Free Cool Mist Humidifier

-Gro Dan Plant Starter 2" Mini-Blocks (13 blocks remain)

-All ducting and fittings included


Sounds like a lot of fun, I know nothing about intoor equipment, but @bob31
@Stonetothebone and others are masters of this venue…

The only thing I can comment on is the tent. $75 or so most places new.

I’m an LED and soil grower so I can’t help any further but @Donaldj can fill in the blanks on some of that I bet!

I see about $200 worth of stuff if buying new, not counting the lights. That 8" fan is way over kill for that size tent. Would have to buy a speed controller to slow it down. Homemade carbon filter may or not work ok? No idea. I have no idea on any of those light, so depending on what they are worth, or how they would work for what you need, would make or brake the deal. If someone tell you that the lighting would work for its probably worth it. Lighting is the most expensive pert of these setups. Better off with just LEDs to control the heat issues you going to have this summer. Personally I would pass up the deal.

Well you have enough to get a nice grow going . You certainly didn’t go the cheap route I did at first . I didn’t have half that invested including seeds soil nutrients tent light exhaust everything .

Yeah I figured if I’m going to do it I might as well do it right! I believe you are the man to talk to about indoor grows! I followed along on your last grow :eyes: You had some tasty looking buds.

Thanks for the input. I was pricing LED’s out and couldn’t get under $120ish for what I would need. The fans do come with a speed controller.

I just figured this is a good way to get started- I can always add more and tweak it as I learn. But buying everything new I was going to spend around $350-$400.

you’re getting a decent deal though I never trust used bulbs :slight_smile:


Only thing I regret is second hand leds, some I got have been used for years and now heat up way more than they do brand new. Other wise i can’t see what could be wrong, maybe test the expensive kit if your picking it up?

Opted out and decided to buy less gear but new…

See my other post for some thoughts please!