Humidity level for drying

What’s the best temperature and humidity level for drying

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I do 55rh and 68-72 temps but that’s what I keep my house on as well so it’s really just easier and close enough to ideal


That’s about as perfect as it gets.


I try for 60-60, but it’s never perfect.

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Thank you

I know this is an older post, but it makes me happy to see. It’s my first harvest, dring right at 55rh and 73 temp. I only have 5 days before vacation, I hope I can jar them up by then

First ever grow, unknown strain, wet weight was just under 5 Oz, I know it will drop significantly, but also have 2 more girls almost ready to come down too

I do 70F and 60% RH for a 7 to 10 day dry. Works like a champ.