Humidity in a indoor grow tent with autoflower

My grow tent humidity is only 35%. I’ve used a diffuser in the tent with hopes it would rise, but only raised it to 42%. How important is it to have a higher humidity. Pros, cons

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Everything that one needs to know about humidity.


How is your plant thriving? @MidwestGuy sent you the perfect material.

I struggle with a low rh in my tents as well, the in-line fan just sucks it right out. People will not like this but along with homemade humidity wicks in buckets of water in the tents I also don’t drain my saucers. I let them evaporate continuously (in my defense all containers are sitting on risers lol).


Guilty as well! What ever works :love_you_gesture:

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What growth stage are you in :love_you_gesture:

This is what I did to help raise the humidity. A bucket o water with a few wicks with a fan blowing across them.I’m a COB,but it worked great.

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Just about one week in Veg stage and doing very well. I have 2 plants, both auto. One very bushy with strong stem long fan leaves, the other is much smaller but very vibrant. I planted them a day or 2 apart. The only problem I can see is that I have gnats and I just got something for that.

Ok, thanks

Very well, that’s why I was wondering how important it was. It would seem to be better low than high.

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From a fellow grower: White Widow auto seeds flowered after a month. 1 month I to growth 4inches tall and started to bud. 16 on 8 off lighting not sure why it’s flowering. I have a 8x10x8 tent use mother earth and fox farm nutes. Started in solo cup. Two weekends planted in 3 gallon b
Mature,tiny plant