How to top auto ww strain

Hello people, only here can people help me Effectively, so can you tell me when you call it top the plant it means that i have to cut the top and then it’s energy is going to branches? And can i do it to auto ww strain? And i think it’s the end of vegetation or it has strarted flowering these days. Can i do it now? And if yes should i cut the top totally? She’s exactly 8 weeks old. Thanks for your time and advices.

No you can’t stop when she has begun flowering. You really want to do it when it’s at the 3rd or 4th node. But topping autoflowers can have some negative results as it causes down time for the plant. Since auto flowers are on a time schedule rather than a light schedule, you want to give it as much time growing as possible, but there are still plenty of people who top them. You just have e to make sure you do it at the right time


Thanks for advice. I won’t do it on auto strain you are right.

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I top and fim my autos usually multiple times per plant. Timing is key there’s only about a 2 to 3 week window where you can get away with topping

This is a white widwidow auto topped and fimed about 8 or 10 different times and areas