How To Sprout My Marijuana Seeds?

Cannabis seeds how to sproutWhat is the best way to sprout my marijuana seeds? I havev 10 white widow seeds and want to grow them outdoors.

For seed-based plants, life always begins at the sprouting stage. This is the point at which the seed sort of cracks open and a sprout begins to come out. This same process can be seen in the seedlings of marijuana plants. When coaxed to come out of their shells, the sprouts have just begun the long journey to being something wholly beneficial to you. In fact, it can be hard to see any potential in something as small and insignificant as a marijuana seed. But, through the course of a growing season, the seed can eventually turn into something quite potent.

Before it does that, however, the marijuana seed must be sprouted. There are several techniques that can be used to get your seed to sprout. In general, these techniques are split between indoor and outdoor sprouting methods. That is to say, if you’re sprouting indoors, you’re going to be using different techniques than if you were sprouting outdoors. Perhaps the most common and most effective form of sprouting indoors involves a closet system. In this system, you effectively emulate the conditions that would be occurring if the plant had been growing naturally outdoors. Of course, in a closet, you can kind of manipulate the conditions for better sprouting.

Indeed, the closet system allows you to keep a light on for 24 hours while the seeds begin to sprout in high-quality fertilizer below. This is particularly efficient in cold weather places where you want to have a particularly quick harvest. You could start sprouting the marijuana seeds before the snow even melts and have virtually full plants by April. Once the plants have actually sprouted, you’ll want to limit the light time to 20 hours. This is basically the ideal system for sprouting seeds.

Sprouting your marijuana seeds outdoors can be difficult but it is also the most natural way of doing things. Most growers tend to just scatter seeds on a bed of rich, pliable topsoil. Using something like MiracleGro or other fertilizers can assist in this process. You can also water the plants, but try using mineral-rich water that comes from a stream, river, or lake as it will give the seed the nutrients that chemical-laden tap water won’t. The sun will give the seeds plenty of natural light if you plant in-season. Of course, since the seeds are on top of the soil, they run an increased risk of being snatched by various vegetarian scavengers. Mice and squirrels tend to find marijuana shoots to be a delicacy while slugs could virtually wipe out any nascent crop. Thus, it can be frustrating trying to sprout seeds outdoors.

You can also sprout your marijuana seeds indoors using only a napkin as a medium. Of course, you’ll need water and some Miracle-Gro spray to ensure that the seed actually sprouts, but this method can be relatively effective if you do it correctly. You have to make sure to check the seeds each day to ensure that no mold has formed around the hulls. Once the seeds have sprouted, it’s important to put them in soil or in ready-made peat plugs to ensure their survival. However you grow marijuana, it’s sure to be a fun time.


Hi Robert, what’s the go with people putting a bit of hydrogen peroxide in water when sprouting is it just something that some Aussie do cause I’ve seen it done but he could not tell me why he just said it’s something his father did

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