How to post pictures on here

how do I put my pics on this site from an android phone. Used to be a single parent with 4 children if I needed something done like this before would just ask one of my children,now they are all grown. Miss my babies,I never thought they would be grown and I would wish they were kids again. Thank you in advance for any help it would be greatly appreciated.

On the bottom of the screen shot has what looks like a Mountain hit it. This will let you go to your Photos on the phone.

Put whichever photos you want to upload to your post.

WAIT till you see a CHECK Mark on the bottom left side. This is critical or it won’t upload. You will see a % how far it has gone.

Once that check mark is there submit your post.


I’m android too, click arrow on bottom right to start reply, when you want photo in click mountain and sun button, it will ask open with, click documents, then photo gallery find photos click on photo it should upload, finish text hit reply. Good luck