How do you post pictures

Hey does anyone know how to post pics from an iPhone? I don’t know what a html or a bbcode is and when I copy paste then it just shows up as words such as

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It is fairly simple. See this arrow above my text. Click it. Browse for image file on your device, and, click upload. Sometimes it is a good idea to downsize your image to no more than 2MB in size. This will always help an upload

Of course I read all the time that people have issues downloading from a mobile device.

Ahh I figured it out. Hahaha now I feel dumb. You just hit reply at the bottom of the support thread. then on the bottom right of the reply box it says upload. Click upload then you can either pick whatever photo or video from your library, or take a new photo or video. O well maybe this will help others figure out how to post pictures from their mobile device. Thanks again @latewood

That’s what I have been trying to tell you to do.

B Safe

I think I got it !

How do I post anything?

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Look at the bottom right in this post box. You will see an icon just to the left of another icon. The first icon is what looks like a computer screen, just to the left of that

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Looks like nute burn. What soil (brand and type) are you using and are you feeding fertilizers?

I am a newbie and I had started plants from seeds. They germinated and then sort of stopped growing so I thought they were root bound. I transferred them to bigger containers ans the leaves started turning yellow and sort of brownish. Some does ans a few looks like the my are doing better but still have the yellow brown leaves. See photo. What did I do so that I don’t do it to the next seedlings?