How to pass a screening test after smoking marijuana?

I’ve smoked marijauna regularly for years. I’m in the process of looking for a job, but a lot of places require pre-employment screening tests. I don’t agree with the tests, but I also can’t refuse to take them. Will my test come back positive even if I haven’t smoked marijuana for three weeks? Do the products meant to fool the tests actually work or are there more effective ways? Any advice would be appreciated.

There are plenty of products on the market that can help you go undetected after smoking marijuana. Perhaps the most used method is one that tries to eliminate metabolites from the system through the use of specialized products that you drink. You can also just drink a lot of fluids, and there is some scientific basis here. Items like Test Pure, Clear Choice, and Urine Luck have chelating agents that might reduce the number of metabolites if the products are ingested between 12 hours and 4 days prior to testing. Home remedies like activated carbon, goldenseal, vinegar, and vitamin C can work as detoxifiers, but there is no scientific proof to suggest that they work on marijuana metabolites in the short-term.

Aside from specially-designed items, many people stop smoking marijuana, and drink a considerable amount of fluids to dilute metabolites in your body. You can buy products to manipulate the sample or use clean samples instead of your own, but those are risky options that can create more problems than they solve.

Abstaining and flushing your system doesn’t necessarily guarantee a negative test. Contesting the results is hard, but never offer that you’ve used at any time, and they can’t really know for certain.


The only true and tried way is to abstain - and depending on the regularity of use and THC content - it can take up to six weeks for your system to clear enough to pass the test. Hair follicles up to six months minimum for any use.

Just the same as someone can fail a test for eating poppy seeds and test positive for opiates. The reason why you don’t get buzzed from your poppy seed bun is that the buzz portion of the molecule is absent and the the test detects only portions of the molecule not the entire molecule itself.

With THC it is the CBDs that stay in your fatty tissue and is the detectable portion of the THC molecule found in the tests. The molecule breaks down and the portion that completes the buzz of the molecule is flushed leaving the CBDs stuck in your fatty tissue. And the only way that CBDs are present is with the use of the evil weed – hence positive for marijuana use!

Poppy seeds can produce an explainable "false / positive " test but not the presence of CBDs . Just buck up , quit for a while , get the job of your dreams and then smoke up!!


I’ve always heard three weeks but I’d hate to have to take a test on day 21! Pretty much what @MotaMan said, regular usage stores up in your body. I had a lab tech tell me one time though the skinnier or more active you are the sooner it gets out. Metabolism and shit!
Back in the day I’d get someone that was clean to give me some of their pee. Most places don’t go in with you, thought one time I heard it was against the law to watch ya. I’m sure it varies. We’d use an Elmers glue bottle with the orange twist top. Wash it out real good and put the sample in there. Use a hot hand (like for hunting) and a rubber band to keep it warm. One of my buddies had a guy watch him, he just twisted and squeezed. All that being said, I don’t recommend that. Just a last ditch option!

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