How To Maintain a Vape High and Which Strains Have Longest Buzz

I would like to start a thread about how to maintain a buzz for as long as possible.

I like to vape a bowl after breakfast on a full stomach. Then normally have another cup of coffee. It’s occurred to me that drinking that second cup of coffee after vaping a bowl is probably countering the affect of THC.

Of course, eating will kill a buzz. That’s a given. But I suspect coffee does as well. Kind of counteractive.

I’ve also decided to journal the way I feel on each strain, however subtle.

I’m looking for suggestions for strains that have the longest acting affects. What is your experience?

It seems that some strains are a quick buzz and quick down. Others last longer.


There are certain foods that can “enhance” the high. They interact with cannabinoid receptors. Mangos may be a good addition to breakfast as they are one of those foods. Gotta eat them before though to kinda get the receptors cranked up. There’s science to it, but I’m too stoned rn lol.

I generally just smoke like 3 or 4 bowls throughout the day, then before bed it’s a couple J’s. To ride the high, I’d go with a sativa dominant hybrid, to get some of the indica stoned feel, but not getting too drowsy on the comedown. I really enjoy Bruce Banner.

On a side note, caffeine is most effective if you wait about an hour before that first cup of Joe. Those receptors need time to wake up, and in doing so, they bounce back quicker after the initial jolt, resulting in less of a caffeine crash. More science stuff but again, :face_with_spiral_eyes::face_with_spiral_eyes::face_with_spiral_eyes: .


I saw this on a Huberman podcast.


That’s who I heard it from! I do it now. I have a crash around 2 every, but that’s getting up at 4am and getting everybody what they need for the day. I stopped going straight for the coffee pot and wait a while. As bad as I want it right away, the crash is noticably less if I wait.


Personally, I smoke a joint every hour. Works great!


I’m also looking for a way to keep buzzed all day. Let me know if you find a way.


Thanks Borderryan22 for the comment:
“There are certain foods that can “enhance” the high. They interact with cannabinoid receptors.”

It caused me to do a search for foods that enhance THC and found this article. Very interesting.

Article: 8 Foods That Enhance Your High

Quote from article:
Certain foods can increase the bioavailability of [THC], the compound in cannabis that produces its characteristic psychoactive effects. For example, fatty foods or foods rich in omega-3s can help enhance the absorption of THC, as THC is a fat-soluble compound. Not only that, foods that contain certain terpenes, such as [limonene] and [myrcene] can also enhance the effects of THC. [Terpenes] are aromatic compounds found in cannabis and other plants that can interact with cannabinoids to produce a synergistic effect most refer to as the [entourage effect]

Foods that enhance:

Omega 3 (pop a few capsules)
Chocolate (I bet dark chocolate is best)
Sweet Potatoes
Nuts and Eggs
Green and Black Tea

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Terpine and other cannabinoid content will also contribute to the duration of a buzz.


No kidding, green tea :coffee:?

I know if I drink beers when I smoke , I definitely get more buzzed. Or maybe more drunk?:face_with_monocle::face_with_raised_eyebrow::joy::joy:

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I like @JimWantsToGrow idea. Better than paying big pharma😈. Now how do I pull it off? I have got to retire!

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I do 1 hits all day, joints or bowls in the evening with more 1 hits.
Works pretty good. :rofl:
Don’t vape

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Did quick read, quick assessment, weed is here, i am here, there…all better :pinching_hand: :dash: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m not retired, self-employed! :muscle:


Me too! I will get to retire one of these days.


I infused some fish oil and also coconut oil with cannabis and hash. Then put a 50/50 ratio into gel caps. Add a few drops of peppermint oil to help stomach discomfort and boom! Sneaky little thc infused caps. Works great!

On a work day I normally smoke a few bowls in the morning (3:50am), pop three canna caps about 10:45 and another two at 1:30pm. Off work by 3:30 and back to the bowls. (Sometimes five during a work day is to much lol)

I have an entry on my journal on making them. I will take you. I initially made them with thoughts of running in minds. Rather than eating a few sugar filled gummies on my run I simply pop a canna cap. Way easier on the stomach and way faster to get down.


Man, you have got it down! I’m jealous. Gotta get my grove on like that for when out of the house.