How to know when 2 weeks from harvest?

Good evening growmies!!

Ive heard alot of fellow growers say that it is beneficial to flush your plants two weeks before harvest and then only water PH’d without nutrients after that.

So my question is, how do you know when your plants are two weeks from harvest?? I plan on harvesting when my trichomes are mostly cloudy with about 10% amber trichomes.

There is no actual proven benefit to doing a 2 week flush. Some say they can taste and smell a difference, but I haven’t been able to tell. I’ve done 2 week, one week and no flush.


Yeah from my last grow the buds turned out nice and potent, but smelled like hay since the second day of drying and never last that hay smell. The only time it smells like actual cannabis is when I open the jar!

Im pretty certain its due to drying too fast, but im trying everything in my power this time for the buds to actually smell good!

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