How to keep water temp down

How do y’all keep your water temperature down with out using a $$chiller?

Dwc mine is at 79 degrees. From what I’ve read I’m in the danger zone

Frozen water bottles about the only alternative to a chiller. 79 is pretty high, you should shoot for 68f.

If you could get into low 70’s would probably be able to get by with just pumping a ton of air in and hydroguard.

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The ice cold water bottle won’t shock the roots if contact is made?

So set up a flush bucket and run your water threw it. Have you ice in it is how I do mine worked will add a pump but it works

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It may a little. Should only be a small portion of your roots if any though. How big is your res?

Ultimately the only thing that works is a chiller. You can buy one or make one if you’re handy. Buying one; get one rated for salt water.

Temps in mid 70’s and higher reduce available O in the solution and greatly increase the risk (certainty!) of getting root rot (pythium).