How to get rid of gnats?

Just realized i got gnats when i watered yesterday is there anyway i can get rid of them? The only thing i could think of is letting it dry completely out any advice?

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Neem oil, you can get it premixed or pure and mix it. Spray your soil it will kill the babies and eggs. For the adults get some yellow fly tape or those yellow cards they’ll get stuck on em

Hydrogen peroxide and water spray

Soap and water spray

Diatomaceous earth it’s a powder you spread throughout your soil/plants

Then there’s a ton of over the counter sprays I suggest at least ok for use on vegetables

But stop spraying once in flower

Probably missing a bunch of others


I will definitely try this as soon as i can I definitely appreciate it💪🏼

I think the most common treatment is something that contains BT. Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) is a species of bacteria that lives in soil. It makes proteins that are toxic to some insects when eaten, but not others. The proteins are not toxic to humans because, like all mammals, we cannot activate them. As taken from Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt). Mosquito Bits is a product you put on the soil and contains BT. I have also used spinosad like Captain Jack’s Deadbug spray. You can spray the plants with it, just do it at lights out.


Why lights out im curious

Spinosad and neem oil can both cause a phytotoxic reaction in the direct light…in short it’ll kill your plant. It’s safe to use at night cause it will dry out before lights come on…OR you can go lights off for a few hours and spray, just make sure all leafs and steam is dry before lights go back on

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I bought little sticky yellow flowers shaped gnat killers for indoor gardens. I’m a beginner but they caught a lot of them.

Sticky traps and this

You can add it right to your plain or nutrient water.kills the larvae , and the traps get the adults

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The yellow sticky papers (traps)would be a good safe choice.