How to get my soul pH Up

I used my coco loco from the last grow and check the PH AND it’s like 4 I have my seedlings growing in it

these are my GL and the first one is a AK-47 I think I have a deficiency could some body help lol

this is the pH in my runoff

Sorry only a FFOF soil grower and we can use pH UP or pH Down as needed.

Can’t really see with the purple light on. I use bicarbonate of soda to lift my pH and so far so good, 1/2 teaspoon in two gallon. With your PH so low you will start to see nutrient issues

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Thank you for the info

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Thank you I’ll try something


Anytime and good luck :sunglasses:

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Dolomite limestone added to the soil. Not immediate - more long-term correction. Also buffers soil to avoid PH swings


I’ll agree with beardless on that I have had to use lime very slowly an after about 3 treatments over 2 weeks. All was perfect

Yes I went to the grow shop and got some lime stone do not for sure how to spell it lol