Ph levels need advice

How to most growers go about adjusting there ph levels. I know that there is an acceptable level . Just what do most do to raise or lower the ph and how is that done? ie;; adding to your water … thanks to all just want some wisdom from those that been there… thanks

If growing in coco runoff numbers don’t really matter much. In soil, not too sure. I think if you are low you dont want to flush with anything higher than 7

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Amazon ph up and ph down is what everyone uses to adjust there ph levels when you use it be conservative cause a little goes a LONG way hope this helps


As stated a little goes a long way. I sometimes only use two or three drops to get where I need to be.


Would that be per gallon of water, two drops or less? Do you add to the water?

Most of us use pH up & down products. They can be liquid or granulated. If you depend on microbes in your grows, you want to pick an appropriate chemical, such as Potassium Bicarbonate for UP and Citric Acid for DOWN.


You learn quickly…Just start slow.
Add after you have mixed everything else to adjust to the proper pH. Soil and Hydro/coco are different.

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Add pH adjusters last (after mixing nutrients), and right before feeding, or else it will drift away from what it was adjusted to. :v:


I grow in soil I use a electronic ph meter I shoot for 6.2 to6.5 ….add the nutes or just plain water check the ph with the meter add say 10 drops ph up or ph down stir and recheck adjust accordindly up or down…as far as run off I dont get none I grow in soil and im afraid of over watering.bye no means am I a pro but do ok…happy growing

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Ph up and down posted above is good strong stuff. My water here is alkaline 7-8 ph so I add 10 drops to a 500 ml bottle and it puts me in the green zone. So yeah, a little goes far… :sunglasses:

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I use lemon juice for pH down my water is hard. I think you can use baking soda for pH up.

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