How to get clean water

I did buy both solutions when I bought it but im wondering if I should cancel the order and get the blue labs one instead. What do you think? (Picture below)

Also I agree completely on getting the right equipment but I’m not in a position to buy alot of stuff as I move and change location alot so I’m looking for the most basic route to enjoy my first grow. That being said I won’t enjoy it if I kill off all my plants so I’m all ears lol

I use this one it is a ph meter and a tds meter

Proof in the pictures

That one looks OK. Apera makes a good one with the calibration solutions in a kit for @ $50. Blue Labs are more $ + extra for the calibration solutions.
PH test strips (swimming pool type) are real cheap and they need no batteries nor calibration. It’s good to have some just to keep a check on your electronic meter. They’re not spot on accurate but they can get you close and tell you if your meter is way off.