How to get big buds

Just wanted to know how to get big buds an more resein in plants an this is my first time doin this so need a bit of help I got a 1×170 tent, 2cfl, 6000k,fan, air-con, room always cold, and also the plant is in dirt…!!


I’m surprised you got this far to be honest. To get bigger buds you need a better light. You wont get much at all with 2 cfl. What’s that white thing on top of the dirt?


Also, 6000k is too high for flower. You’ll want to to be closer to 3000k. But, the CFLs aren’t going to cut it in flower for dense buds


@Snowy87 the others are correct. If you could do anything but keep your existing lighting set up, get a 3000k bulb.
It has more red in it which helps during flowering, 6,000K has more blue in it.
Next grow you should consider looking into better lighting for more flowers, and denser nugs.
Look into “horticulture lighting group”, and they offer efficient lighting, for a reasonable price. One board set up or two for leaving room for expansion, will definitely get you pointed the right direction. Amazon blurple lights will work, but aren’t efficient, produce heat, and often burn out.
Just trying to steer you to quality lighting that will last, get your best money’s worth, and I know will grow excellent flowers. I went the amazon fixture route before I found better quality panels. I wasted a lot of blurple light money.


Money wise you should check out Craigslist and offer up and you can pick up good mh and hps lights cheap and they beat all the Amazon blurple leds you will get thick heavy buds and be able to use those with great success 6000k or 6500k mh for veg and flower 2000k hps hope this helps you also remember 50 watts per square foot to figure out what size light you need to get


Check out Amazon for an e26 light splitter it
was recommended to me today this may also be a great option for you to add more light and more of the 2700 to 3000 spectrum if I could figure out how to share the link I would

Next grow, get yourself a proper indoor grow medium. A nice organic potting soil with some perlite. Or some Promix with perlite. Or some coco with perlite.
Or check out one of the many super soil recipes available on this site. Or go hydro.

Long story short, whatever medium you choose needs to drain well & have good aeration.

If you follow the lighting advice above & use an appropriate grow medium, you’d probably grow killer plants.

Also, don’t forget your pH & ppms!


I have 250 watt cfl flower lights over each girl and have some fat ass buds!

Yup as JT said cfls can grow pot. Blurples can too. Mh/hps is well known for growing. N the hlg’s are new trendy (albeit worth looking into) n grow good pot. They all grow weed. Its the amount of juice ur using (combined with the efficiency of ur lights)

2 - 25w cfls wont grow you ounces of weed. No matter How good u are. That said a hlg 600 wont guarantee pounds of pot neither. Its a learning experience. N ull be better next time.

Betty and someone else mentiond your soil. That really stood out to me as well. Needs better drainage definitely (at the very least)

Also that fan is kinda close eh? Surprised u dont have extreme windburn. Anywho. Good luck there. And hope u get everything together n knock the next grow out the park!

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Ok that’s good for the halp
lads thank its goin good after I used rain water…only trying to use CFL lights because it’s cheaper to run and easier??? and would clay balls be better to run? in easier than dirt or peat moss and I’m doing update on them now new photos

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Those clay balls wouldnt make for a complete medium. Usually combine it (hydroton) with hydroponic growing. Did you add perlite to that soil? Looks kinda clunky. But the lady looks good. Pushing on thru flower. How far along was that?